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Exhibitor Booking 2024

The Irish Times Higher Options is a crucial event for senior cycle students to explore various career and study opportunities in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and beyond. The event provides a unique opportunity for representatives from third level institutions in Ireland, the UK and Europe, and further and higher education bodies and information organisations to speak with up to 30,000 senior cycle students from all over Ireland.

With exhibitors providing valuable information, attendees can make informed decisions about their future education paths.

Regarded as essential in the academic calendar, it attracts students, parents, guidance counsellors, and educators alike, emphasizing its significance in facilitating informed choices for the next steps in education and career planning.

Exhibition spaces are now on sale and bookings will close in August.

Stand Information

The cost of a single stand space is €1,375 ex. VAT (€1,691.25 inc. VAT). This price includes:

You can book up to 3 stand units in the shell scheme format to make up your stand. Please note, each exhibition space is provided with 1 double socket and 2 spotlights as part of the stand, whether it is a single, double or triple unit size.

If you require more than 1 double socket or more than 2 spotlights for your stand you must order these directly from our event build partners, Total Expo. Please note, if you are using equipment on your stand that may require more than 1 kW power you must order this via Total Expo..

If you would like to upgrade your shell-scheme to a branded stand package to include printed wall panels, or add extras such as storage or screens, you will be able to book and pay for these extras through Total Expo’s web-shop. Stand enhancements ordered via Total Expo are to add extras; your stand booking already includes what is listed above.

Larger institutions may book 4 or more stand-spaces for custom-built stands, subject to availability. If you book a larger space for a custom-built stand, you must submit a schematic for sign-off by Higher Options, this is a mandatory, legal requirement.

To be certain your stand conforms to exhibition regulations, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Getting there

The Irish Times is committed to sustainable travel. All exhibitors and attendees, where possible, are encouraged to take public transport, carpool, or bike. You can find more information about how to travel here.

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